3 places to visit near Palazzina Veneziana

Are you planning a weekend in Venice and you are searching for a place to stay and nice locations to visit?

Talking about where to sleep in Venice, obviously we suggest you to stay in our Palazzina Veneziana. There are many reasons to choose our B&B, we pointed them out here (read them if you haven’t already done that).

Among the reasons to stay at Palazzina Veneziana one of them is the position, that is really convenient because well connected with the main public means of transportation, but also because nearby there are very nice places that deserve a visit and that can be reached in a few minutes walk.

Which are the place that cannot be missed nearby Palazzina?

We want to recommend you 3 places to visit near Palazzina Veneziana.

One deserves at least an half day visit ad it is a really important part of Venice history: the Jewish ghetto.

The second place is Ca’ d’Oro, a Venetian historical building that is now a location for art exhibitions.

In the end there is the Casino, the most ancient of the world which is situated inside a sumptuous historical building overlooking Canal Grande.

Let’s see each one of them.

Jewish ghetto

ghetto venezia

Credits Ramon – Flickr

The Jewish ghetto is near Palazzina Veneziana, just round the corner: you just need to cross the street, walk along the fondamenta, pass through a sottoportico and you are in Venice ghetto.

This is the oldest ghetto in the world. The term that indicates a close neighborhood where Jewish people lived was born in Venice: Jewish people lend money asking for interests, activity that was forbidden to Christian people by the Church. Venetians were merchants, pretty tolerant and interested to profit, for that reason they decided to host the Jewish communities coming from the East, but forced them to live in a specific area of the city.

Today the ghetto is a beautiful area to visit in Venice, not really crowded with tourists, which maintains a unique atmosphere. In the main square you can find the museum of the Jewish Ghetto, which we suggest you to visit because it contains priceless pieces of the story of the community in Venice and also because in the ticket price is included the guided visit to the synagogues of the ghetto.

Ca’ d’Oro

ca d'oro venezia

Credits Jean-Pierre Dalbera – Flickr

This amazing Venetian palace overlooking Canal Grande is just 10 minutes walk from Palazzina Veneziana, walking along Strada Nuova. This building is called Ca’ d’Oro (translate “golden house”) because when it was built it was so rich that the facade was partly covered in gold!

At the beginning of ‘900 Ca’ d’Oro was bought by Giorgio Franchetti who renovated the damaged and declining palace trying to bring it to its initial splendor: he worked to create a marble floor rich in marquetry, you can walk on it if you enter the house paying the ticket (it’s worthy I can assure you!).

Today Ca’ d’Oro is house of the private collection of Mr. Franchetti which includes Venetian and Flemish paintings.

Visiting the palace is something we suggest you for three reasons:

  • the beauty of the building
  • the beauty of the paintings
  • the beauty of the view over Canal Grande from the balconies of the palace

Casino Ca’ Vendramin Calergi

casinò di Venezia

Credits Dennis Jarvis – Flickr

Another amazing building facing Canal Grande and situated only 5 minutes by foot far from the Palazzina is  Ca’ Vendramin Calergi that is the location of one of the most famous casinos in the world, and for sure the ancient one!

Even if you are not a gambler we suggest you to visit the casino during one of you Venice nights, at leas to enjoy the sight of the palace and breathe the atmosphere inside it: the entry costs 5 €, otherwise, paying 10€ you will have a corresponding credit to play.

Just adivise that the entry – given the fact that is a gambling house – is allowed only to adults.