8 curiosities about Venice ghetto

This year, on 29 March 2016 the Venice ghetto will celebrate 500 years from its foundation. We have found an Italian article that talks about the 8 curiosities about Venice ghetto and we translated it for you!

We already talked to you about the Venice ghetto here because it is a beautiful place to visit in Venice but also because the ghetto is situated next to our Palazzina Veneziana. Now that it celebrates its long-lasting history it’s the best moment to visit it and to go deeper to its roots discovering something new that maybe you didn’t know!

curiosità sul ghetto ebraico di venezia

The 8 curiosities

  1. It’s a neighborhood with half a millennium of life (we told you, it celebrates 500 years in March 2016!);
  2. It’s the oldest (and best preserved) ghetto in Europe;
  3. It is located in Sestiere Cannaregio, not far from Venice train station;
  4. It has 5 synagogues: they are spartan from the outside but the interiors are rich. You can recognize them because they have 5 big aligned windows (5 as the number of Torah’s books);
  5. It has really high houses. This is due to the fact that in the past the Jewish population grew a lot and a lot of people had to stay in a small portion of land (the ghetto, they couldn’t live outside it), so they started to build new floors to the existing houses that became higher than any other building in the city;
  6. In the Jewish museum you can find a complete slice of Venice life and of Jewish life in Venice. Paying the entry ticket you can have a tour with a guide that will bring you to visit some of the synagogues of the ghetto as part of the tour:
  7. “Ghetto” is a Venice word, it originated from the word “géto” that is connected to the old foundries where the first German Jewish people were confined. Read in the German way the Venice word take the sound “ghetto” that is now a word used worldwide;
  8. Outside the ghetto, in Lido di Venezia, you can visit the Jewish cemetery.

(Here the original post in Italian)