Architecture Biennale in Venice

Every year Venice hosts the International Architecture and Art exhibition which focuses on each theme every other year. From 28th May 2016 takes place the Architecture Biennale in Venice which lasts until 27th November.

The Biennale 2016: Reporting from the front

The title of the  15. Architecture Biennale in Venice will be “Reporting from the front”, directed by Alejandro Aravena. The theme of the Biennale is held in the image of the lady on the ladder who, from the top of the steps, looks far away in a semi deserted land.

biennale di architettura di Venezia

“What does the lady see? I think – commented Baratta -mainly desolated land comprising immense swathes of human habitation which no human could be proud of; great disappointments representing a sad, infinite number of missed opportunities for humanity’s ability to act intelligently. Much of this is tragic, much is banal, and it seems to mark the end of architecture. But she also sees signs of creativity and hope, and she sees them in the here-and-now, not in some uncertain aspirational, ideological future.”

The Exhibition takes place as usual in the Arsenale area and in the gardens, with 88 participants coming from 37 countries.

In the Arsenale Gardens and in some palaces of Venice city center there will be the usual itinerary along the national pavilions. This year the countries taking part will be 62.

There will be connected events taking place in the city during the Biennale:

Dance Biennale – 17 June > 26 June
Theater Biennale – 27 July > 14 August
Music Biennale – 7 October > 16 October
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia – 31 August > 10 September

Architecture Biennale: an opportunity to visit Venice

The Architecture Biennale in Venice is a very good opportunity to visit the city considering that the entry ticket is valid for 2 days (you will need them to easily visit both the Arsenale area and the gardens). Another reason to visit Venice during the Biennale is the presence of interesting related events, as I told you above. The truth is that every reason is a good reason to visi Venice and every opportunity taking you to the city has to be taken!

The Architecture Biennale in Venice can be easily reached with the ferry from the railway station or Piazzale Roma (lines 1 / 2 / 6 o 5.1 / 5.2 Actv).

Official website of Venice Biennale