How to celebrate New Year in Venice

capodanno venezia

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How do people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Venice?

Like in all the other cities in the world I guess, with the only difference that, being our city so unique (we might be biased but we really think that) also New Year’s party couldn’t be different with its magic atmospheres.

Weather you are staying in Venice or weather you live in the neighborhood and you are thinking about spending the last night of the year in the city, we have collected for you some ideas you can take cue from to organize New Year in Venice.

Dining at the restaurant

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There are a lot of restaurants and hotels that organize on the last night of the year long and rich dinners which end with a midnight toast.

According to the type of restaurant menu prices may vary but usually they are never less than 100 € per person, moreover menus usually propose a fish version and a meat version to satisfy every guest’s tastes.

If you are not worried about the price, this year you can choose a restaurant praised with Michelin stars (there are many in town), or one of the hotels serving the New Year dinner in their restaurant with panoramic view over the city. The very good food is even tastier with the amazing view over Venice by night and over the firework show taking place after Midnight.

Going to “bacari” till Midnight

bacari venezia


That’s a cheaper choice but not less characteristic: waiting midnight going around in a bacaro tour eating cicchetti and drinking glasses of wine.

Eat tramezzini, crostini di baccalà mantecato, polpette fritte and other typical Venetian snacks and drink a good glass of wine while you chat with your friends along Venice narrow streets, you will see that without spending a fortune you will spend a very nice evening acting like a local.

Just pay attention: don’t go too far with glasses of wine or you will keep so little memories of your New Year in Venice and that would be a pity!

New Year Party in Piazza San Marco

Capodanno in piazza San Marco


The heart of New Year’s Eve in Venice is St. Mark’s square where, year after year, a lot of people gather to wait together the strike of Midnight by rhythm of the clock bell tower, with the Moor statues who beat their hummers on the bell.

Did you know that in Piazza San Marco in Venice takes place the most romantic New Year’s Eve in the world? The 31st December countdown ends with a big kiss exchanged between friends, couples and – why not – strangers! The aim of Love 2016 is to spread a message of love and peace as good omen for the new year. And then noses up watching the beautiful fireworks lighting the city!

New Year on a boat

capodanno in barca venezia


What better way to spend New Year in Venice than from a boat sailing light across the lagoon? In Venice there are many shipping companies that propose packages like this, one of the most famous is Riviera del Brenta, its offer includes New Year dinner aboard, going ashore in St. Mark’s Place to celebrate the New Year with Love 2016 party with over 70.000 people foreseen in the square, boarding after greetings and party to continue the celebrations on board.

New Year’s Eve at the Venice Casino

casino venezia


Casino Vendramin Calergi is both a beautiful Venetian palace and also one of the symbols of Venice history and culture.

In its finely decorated rooms besides gambling take place many events across the year and one of them is New Year’s Eve celebrations.

At the casino you can wait for the new year with a big dinner served in Restaurant Wagner situated inside the palace (booking requested) and continue the night between gaming rooms and music entertainment. An option is also to go to the casino for the celebration (without dining there), entry costs 10 € and includes a toast and the breakfast.