Top 5 romantic things to do in Venice

If you are searching some tips in order to organize a romantic getaway in Venice I think you landed in the right page! I will provide you some information about the best ways to surprise your partner during an holiday in Venice: so take paper and pen and write down the top 5 romantic things to do in Venice!

Why Venice is a romantic destination

Before talking about the top 5 romantic things to do in Venice I will sum here 3 reasons why in my opinion Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Just in case you are still not sure and you need some more beliefs.

  1. Because of its canals. Along the canals you can have a gondola ride with your love while a gondoliere paddles and sings romantic Italian songs. Along the canals you can take a taxi boat and you can stand  there with the wind in your hair or wearing a foulard like an Hollywood diva while people enviously observe you from the docks  Moreover canals at night reflect the lights: that’s absolutely romantic.
  2. Because of its narrow streets. The absence of cars and the only possibility to walk turns Venice into the perfect destination for a romantic getaway: get lost in the city, turn into solitary streets and surprise your partner with a kiss when nobody sees you.
  3. Because it’s inexplicable. There is no other place in the world where you can feel, taste and breathe that magic atmosphere that is really difficult to explain to those who have never visited the city before. Drinking wine watching the lagoon, eat by candle-light, enjoy amazing views over Venice roofs or experience a million of other amazing things will imprint memories in your heart that you will never forget.

Here it is the top 5!

#1 Have a gondola ride

gondola ride venice

#2 Watch a show at Fenice theatre

Theatre la fenice

Photo by Michele Crosera, courtesy of Teatro La Fenice

#3 Visit St Mark’s Place early in the morning

st mark's place

#4 Have breakfast with rooftop view

breakfast with view

#5 Sleep in an historical building

historical palazzina veneziana

Points #4 and #5 can easily become reality if you stay at Palazzina Veneziana and #1, #2 and #3 are things that you can do during a short holiday in Venice.

So, what are you waiting for? We are waiting for your call to book a romantic stay in Venice! 😉